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Keep up to date with Panama Papers leak through Reddit

Reddit is a pretty incredible source of cat photos, but it can also be used to keep current with some of the world’s biggest stories. And there’s no bigger story this week than the Panama Papers.

The world’s biggest data leak, consisting of over 2.6TB of sensitive legal data, is currently causing massive waves online, but it’s fairly esoteric.

While we rounded up the top ten things to know about the leak, if you’re looking for up to the absolute minute current information, Reddit is your best friend.

The message board site boasts a Reddit Live update thread, in which it’s using its community to update the scattered stories relating to the Panama Papers leak.

You can also follow developments on Twitter, and keep locked onto our Panama Papers portal, but for now, have a look at Reddit’s rather stellar coverage of what could be 2016’s biggest news story.

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