Vivaldi 1.2 update adds mouse gestures and smart tab management

If you’re looking for an alternative web browser, you’re in no way short of options. And one of the world’s youngest browsers has just received a sparkly new update.

Vivaldi — the brainchild of former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner — has gained its latest update, and now includes some modern browser niceties.

“Today, Vivaldi released version 1.2. It’s loaded with feature updates and improvements, like new shortcuts, better tabs and more customizations,” explains the company on its blog.

The most interesting, according to Vivaldi and us, is the custom mouse gesture support.

“It’s easy to do. Simply trace the path you’d like to use for a gesture and – presto! – you have a new mouse gesture,” adds the company.

vivaldi custom mouse gestures

Beyond that, Vivaldi’s tab management system is also vastly improved, and now allows group commands over a select number of tabs.

“The new Tab Page setting allows you to choose any web page as the starting point for a new tab. You can also close multiple, selected tabs with a keyboard shortcut,” explains Vivaldi.

There’s also a new zoom management feature, a set of new shortcuts and a few aesthetic enhancements.

For the full rundown of changes, hit up this link.



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