10 things #HighSchoolTaughtMe according to Twitter

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Do you remember wearing tartan ties, knee-high socks, your locker combination, the faint whiff of baked pies at lunch time, the screams of kids playing football on the field, or the clip-clops of teachers’ heels as they enter class? If you do, then you’ll likely remember your days as a high school student.

You do remember it, right? If not, Twitter‘s latest trend will surely help you out.

For some, it would’ve been a good while since you last set foot in a classroom as a student, but that doesn’t stop Twitter from remembering the good ol’ days.

The hashtag #HighSchoolTaughtMe began trending early on Friday morning in South Africa and most of Twitter’s domains, but has been used fairly frequently over the past few months across the world.

If you fancy embracing those feelings of nostalgia before the weekend starts, have a look at ten of the greatest lessons that #HighSchoolTaughtMe, at least according to Twitter.

10. Just because you weren’t the cool one then, doesn’t mean you aren’t the cool one now

9. You’ll have oodles of time beyond high school to work on that social life

8. Regardless of how hard you try, some things you’ll just never forget

7. Other things, of course, you’ll likely never, ever remember

6. You’ll probably learn a lot more about life and the people in it after school

5. I know, it’s news to us too

4. Google Search (like SparkNotes) will save your skin more than once

3. Everyone’s opinion can be challenged (like on the internet)

2. High school is an important part of your superhero origin story

1. Once you graduate, you’ll almost definitely miss every moment

Woah, we got a little deep there.

If you need something a little more light-hearted, Twitter provides. #OneDirectionTaughtMe is also trending worldwide at the time of writing, so go check out those hilarious tweets.

Do you happen to have a snarky, smart or simply stupid comment on one of the hashtags mentioned above? Be sure to tweet us your views @Memeburn, or drop a comment below.



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