Telkom Mobile revises uncapped LTE throttling policy

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Telkom Mobile has announced a revised fair usage policy (FUP) for uncapped LTE users, following negative publicity on social media.

Users who had allegedly fallen foul of Telkom Mobile’s FUP expressed frustration after being throttled to extremely slow speeds.

Now, the network has announced an overhaul of its policy for uncapped users, giving them an extra 100GB of full-speed data before throttling comes into effect.

“This means that customers would have to use in excess of 300GB of data per month before Telkom’s FUP will be applied. Telkom has also included an additional 50GB data allocation for peer-to- peer services such as BitTorrent and Skype,” the network announced in a statement.

Telkom Mobile uncapped LTE users now have a fair usage policy of 300GB

It added that in cases where customers exceed the 300GB full speed limit, Telkom will throttle them to 4Mbps, with 50GB of data at this reduced speed.

“Should customers exceed the additional 50GB of data, Telkom will offer another 50GB of data at 2Mbps for the remainder of the month.”

It added that 2Mbps was “adequate” for standard definition streaming on the likes of Netflix and Showmax.

“We are confident that our revised Fair Use Policy offers greater value for our high data usage customers without compromising the connectivity experience of our other customers. In the few instances in which we are forced to apply the FUP, we have ensured that customers still have a fast enough connection to ensure that their service is still usable for the remainder of the month,” explained Telkom spokesperson Jacqui O’Sullivan in the emailed statement.



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