Strawberry is most toxic vaping flavour, study finds

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Scientists at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute have proven that there’s more harm in vaping (or smoking ecigarettes) than consumers might think, and subsequently revealed which flavours are the most toxic too.

The research team at the institute found that flavourings and voltage levels could greatly affect the toxicity levels of the ecigarette. The research, published in Tobacco Control, was conducted by assistant professor of oncology Maciej Goniewicz and his team.

Goniewicz studied how bronchial cells would react when exposed to aerosol from various ecigarettes with different voltages and flavours.


The various devices were filled with flavours such as tobacco, menthol, pina colada, coffee and strawberry at various voltaic outputs. Their findings suggest that the power output of the ecigarette in conjunction with the flavourants can “significantly affect the toxicity” with strawberry flavouring being the most toxic.

 Vaping can have adverse effects on bronchial cells, with voltage and flavour playing key roles

“Although many of the flavourings used in ecigarette liquids have been certified as safe for eating, little is known about their effects when heated and inhaled in ecigarettes,” Goniewicz explains.

“This study suggests that various characteristics of e-cigarettes, including any flavourings, may induce inhalation toxicity and therefore, caution should be used with these products until more comprehensive studies are performed,” he adds.

Goniewicz hopes the finding will be used to regulate and standardise the ecigarette industry which would make ecigarettes a lot safer for consumers.



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