Twitter reacts to Dyn’s massive DNS DDoS

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For much of Friday, some of the internet’s biggest websites were rendered useless after a DDoS attack hit Dyn DNS.

In typical internet fashion, people took to social media sites that weren’t down, posting funny GIFs, reaction videos and of course, their words of wisdom. To be fair, what else can you do in a situation like this?

The DDoS affected Dyn’s DNS, leaving many of the web’s essential services inaccessible

At the time of writing, many sites remain inaccessible, but we have detailed a possible fix over on our primary article.

But if you’re interested in waiting it out, have a look at what the internet thought about today’s internet troubles below.

Twitter’s reaction to the internet’s chaotic Friday

Humour, especially political humour, seems to win every time.

And if not, perhaps a splash of scepticism?

With Twitter inaccessible, some were faced with an all too real dilemma for much of the day.

For once, some genuinely scary food for thought on Twitter. This is especially nightmarish after Dyn noted some of the IP addresses in the DDoS were pegged to Internet of Things devices.

Speaking of food… food is affected too!?

In times of severe stress, why not GIF?

Even though many couldn’t access Twitter today, “DDoS” is trending on the micro-blogging site at present, with over 200 000 tweets mentioned.



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