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Ghost in the Shell gets its first live-action trailer

The original manga of Ghost in the Shell developed by Masamune Shirow has now become a cult-classic for any anime or manga enthusiast.

Once the manga was turned into an anime by the Production I.G studio and producer Yoshimasa Mizuo and director Mamoru Oshii, the franchise really began to take off. Everything from the production to the soundtrack and design finishing made the movie and the franchise unforgettable.

This latest adaptation by writers Jonathan Herman and Jamie Moss as well as director Rupert Sanders and star Scarlett Johansson will see the first live-action adaptation of the iconic franchise.

Finally, with a new trailer being released, fans around the world have a bit more information to work with such as the first images of what seems to be our villain, the Laughing Man (Michael Wincott) who’s a hacker that forms part of the terrorist group known as the Individual Eleven.

The full plot isn’t known as of yet, and I’m hoping they stick somewhat to the source material as the original material is pretty solid. Hopefully, as the time to release date draws closer, more information will be revealed.

Nevertheless, have a look at the trailer below.

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