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12+ Instagram snaps of last night’s supermoon from around the world

In case you missed it, last night’s supermoon was a pretty big deal. Although the phenomenon is fairly common, this particular example was a tad more special than most.

It appeared around 14% larger and 30% brighter than this year’s smallest full moon back in April. That’s largely because the moon last night was much, much closer to earth. In fact, NASA suggests that it’s the closest full moon to Earth so far this century.

According to NASA, the term “supermoon” is a bit more scientific than the common it’s just a larger full moon notion suggests.

Supermoon is actually “a term from modern astrology for a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit”, but generally, that term is now used to describe more prominent full moons.

Either way, last night’s moon was definitely super. So let’s freeze time and have a look at some of the best snaps on Instagram of last night’s supermoon.

Cape Town, South Africa

#capetown #supermoon

A photo posted by Thom de Bruin (@thom_db) on

Vancouver, Canada

My version of #Supermoon tonight. Playing with focus and created this eye like form. Happy #Monday and Goodnight!

A photo posted by AyanBlueWanderlust (@passion2travel) on

Reno, USA

I missed the closer view but still….#supermoon #supermoon2016

A photo posted by Tedashii (@tedashii) on

Tunis, Tunisia

Sometimes the #Supermoon is not that #Super ! #Tunis #Tunisia #Moon #Clouds #Photography #Night #Trees 🌚🌕

A photo posted by Meryem Athimni (@meryemathimni) on

The November supermoon was the closest full moon we’ve seen so far this century

Skale, Slovenia

Brisbane, Australia

Tehran, Iran

Sydney, Australia

So perfect that looks like a painting #fullmoon #lastnight #nofilter #beach #mates #wolfs #bronte #brontebeach #sydney

A photo posted by Eduardo Martins (@eduardomartins_1) on

#sydney #breakfastpoint #supermoon

A photo posted by @key_115 on

Tucson, USA

The full moon rising over Tucson tonight was quite a spectacle. Pictures don’t do it justice 🌝

A photo posted by Jenifer Spainhower (@jraespain) on

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

Milan, Italy

duomo, supermoon, someone’s selfie👀 #duomo #milan #supermoon

A photo posted by Izzy (@izzy_fp) on

Cham Islands, Vietnam

#supermoon over the Cham Islands 🌄

A photo posted by SojournSoles (@sojournsoles) on

Bangkok, Thailand


A photo posted by FB : Chayanon Raksasri (@draft.swu) on

If you happened to miss the supermoon — worry not. There’ll be another, albeit a slightly smaller, dimmer supermoon, on 16 December 2016.

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