YouTube now supports HDR videos by anyone

youtube HDR sample Jacob Katie Schwartz

YouTube has traditionally been pretty quick about supporting new video standards (for the most part), and now HDR joins 60FPS, 4K, 360 video and other options on the video-streaming service.

The company published a blog post, detailing the new development and outlining the benefits.

“Today we are adding support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on YouTube. HDR videos have higher contrast, revealing precise, detailed shadows and stunning highlights with more clarity than ever. Support for wide colour gamut means colours are more vibrant. Simply put, HDR unlocks the most spectacular image quality we’ve ever streamed.”

YouTube now allows anyone to upload HDR clips to the service

Google says you can watch HDR content on “HDR TVs with the new Chromecast Ultra, and soon on all 2016 Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs”.

The video network has also been working with prominent YouTubers to craft HDR content, but what about the average Joe?

“Starting today (as of 7 November), any creator can upload HDR videos to YouTube,” the video-streaming website confirmed.

Got an HDR-capable device or screen? Then check the official playlist below.

Featured image: jacobschwarz via YouTuve



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