Watch video ads to get train ticket in Dusseldorf

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Mobile gamers are accustomed to the experience of watching video ads in exchange for lives. Now, a new app in a German city allows people to earn a train or bus ticket by watching video ads.

According to The Local, the Welect app in Dusseldorf allows users to watch four promotional videos, each being 20 seconds long. Users can choose their desired ads as well.

The app’s team predicted that only 1000 tickets would be redeemed by the end of the year, but over 20 000 people have downloaded the app already. In fact, a test run of the app saw tickets run out in roughly three hours.

The team is now looking for more advertisers to fulfil the demand and introduce new video ads.

The Welect app lets users earn transport tickets by watching four video ads

Don’t expect extensive trips though, as the app description specifies that tickets are only valid for three stops or 20 minutes.

It hasn’t been a boom for passengers only, as Dusseldorf’s public transport company seems to be benefitting as well. The company said they were selling tickets to people who might not have bought them in the first place.

Welect is currently in talks to expand the app to other German cities as well as the Netherlands. How long until a similar initiative launches in South Africa? Well, as long as there’s free WiFi nearby…

Featured image: Richard Barton via Flickr



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