Pornhub 2016 stats: most popular devices, platforms revealed


Pornhub’s 2016 year in review has revealed a ton of interesting data, including the most popular devices, browsers and operating systems for adult streaming.

The streaming network found that, when it came to traffic by device type, smartphones were continuing to grab more marketshare at the expense of desktop. Interestingly enough, tablets saw a slight drop as well.

pornhub devices 2016

In terms of traffic by operating system, Windows was still on top, accounting for 80% of the pie. But Linux and Mac OS saw notable growth, at the expense of the “other” category.

As for mobile platforms? Android gained the lion’s share of traffic, at 50%. Apple’s iOS was closely behind, accounting for 47%. The biggest loser was Windows Phone though (dropping 30% of its traffic share) as well as the “other” category (dropping a massive 64%).

pornhub 2016 mobile desktop platforms

Of course, operating systems and devices are one thing, but what’s the browser of choice for Pornhub streaming? On desktop, Chrome is miles ahead of the competition (accounting for 51% marketshare), with Internet Explorer next in line. Interestingly enough, fifth-placed Edge saw growth of over 840%, being included with Windows 10.

In terms of mobile browsers, Chrome and Safari were in a dead heat on 43% each. The Android browser and “other” category were next in line at 5% each. The Android browser saw a massive 56% drop in its 2015 traffic share, while Windows Phone’s Internet Explorer saw a huge drop of 52%.

pornhub browsers 2016

Pornhub also keeps track of the most popular gaming consoles for adult streaming, with PlayStation platforms coming out on top (a healthy 53% marketshare). This was followed by Xbox consoles (34%) and then the Wii in distant third place. It’s unclear whether the latter refers to both the Wii and Wii U or just the Wii.

Interestingly enough, the Vita has seen its traffic share drop 38% compared to 2015.

pornhub 2016 gaming

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