Kale Salad: the Twitter account honouring meme creators

dory twitter kale salad Kuba Bozanowski flickr

Tired of seeing the Dory accounts and Common White Girls of the world get thousands of retweets for stolen content? You’re not alone! Plenty of Twitter users have had their relatable content taken and posted on accounts with millions of followers without credit.

If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, you’ll understand the dilemma. Accounts like @Dory and @CommonWhiteGirl both have over a million followers. @KardashianReact has over 800 000. But the people they take content from have at most tens of thousands — though it averages at around 5000.

While this may seem inconsequential, many of the original creators are pursuing comedy as a career. Platforms like Twitter have the ability to boost their audience and catapult their career. Accounts like Dory don’t only steal content, they steal opportunities.

Kale Salad is a Twitter account that lives by the credo of retweets over reposts, empowering meme-mothers

These humble meme farmers do not have the power to take on Big Twitter. No one supports their local meme creators. They are left feeling powerless.

No longer.

Kale Salad is an account that lives by the credo of retweets over reposts. It delivers the power back to the hardworking proletariat. The account, which came into being in November 2016, boasts just under 59 000 followers. It has also since tweeted just over 1100 times.

By following Kale Salad, you free yourself from the trappings of Dory. Not only are you able to follow your favourite content creators, but you will be able to streamline the content you want. Because Dory doesn’t tweet anything original, you get a hodgepodge of content that may not always suit your needs. It’s time to eliminate the excess.

Follow the original content creators. Take back power from the establishment.

Here’s who you’ll be supporting. Vive le memevolution!

Feature image: Kuba Bożanowski via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)



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