When you date a girl from Instagram: an Imgur feel good story

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It’s very rare in Donald Trump’s day and age that you can flick on a social media network and see a genuinely comforting, heart-warming and encouraging story. But thankfully, this Imgur user provided us with just that this week.

“So I met a girl on Instagram!” is the post in question, published to the image sharing site by user Habitualcritic. It has all the ingredients of a misleading and anger-inducing post, however, it’s anything but. It’s effectively a love story, told through the lens of the social network.

“She was a 20 year old youth pastor and was really cute. I found her on a hashtag and followed her instantly and liked her whole Instagram. It was a bold strategy to get her attention and it worked,” he admits.

This love story went viral on Imgur this week, raking in nearly 600 000 views in two days

But, because life really knows how to knock you down when you’re at your best, not everything went according to plan after that.

We don’t quite want to spoil the story, so we’ll stop there.

What you do need to know though is that the internet is filled with feel-good stories like these, and Imgur absolutely loves it.

The post featured on the social network’s front page yesterday, raking in over 580 000 views and nearly 20 000 points (effectively upvotes).

If you’ve been going through a rough patch in your life, relationship or just need a pick me up before you hit little Saturday, have a look at the full post in slideshow format below.

So I met a girl on Instagram!

Feature image: habitualcritic via Imgur

Andy Walker, former editor


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