What has Donald Trump tweeted about most in his first 100 days?

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Even though Donald Trump is now president of a global superpower, he still has plenty of time to throw a tweet or two out there.

In light of this, and as his first 100 days in office draw to an end, Twitter Data took a look at the US President’s time in office thus far.

Here’s what the social network’s data miners found.

#MAGA, #USA and all the patriotism

Among Trump’s most commonly tweeted hashtags, #MAGA (Make America Great Again), #AmericaFirst and #USA featured prominently since January.

#ICYMI is third on the list, but #Obamacare — an Obama administration policy that Trump was most vehemently against — featured fifth.

‘Great’, ‘Big’ and ‘Fake News’

As far as most commonly used words and phrases go, “Great” is unsurprisingly the most overused. “Fake news” features sixth, while “big” features as the ninth most used term.

Donald Trump mentioned the New York Times and Fox News more often on Twitter than VP Mike Pence in his first 100 days

But who did Donald Trump tweet at the most? No, it’s not Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

@NYTImes gets more mentions than @VP Mike Pence

@WhiteHouse was mentioned most often, but @NYTimes and @FoxandFriends shared second place.

Notably, another Fox account featured in third — @FoxNews. Continuing the fake news theme, @CNN shared the fifth most number of mentions alongside @POTUS.

Twitter Data also logged the events during which Trump was mentioned the most on the network.

That ‘travel ban’ garnered a slew of mentions

These moments included his inauguration on 20 January, when the travel ban executive order was signed eight days later, and when the border wall executive order was signed on 25 January.

His infamous press conference was his fourth most mentioned day on Twitter, while Kellyanne Conway and Barack Obama also featured.

Overall, Trump has had a busy three and a bit months in the Oval Office and on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s followers grow as tweeting habits slow

Digging a little deeper though, Donald Trump’s once voracious tweeting habits have actually slowed significantly. According to SocialBlade, the US President tweeted over 500 times in November 2016. In January 2017, that number dropped to 134.

That’s a drop from around 17 tweets per day to just 4.3 tweets per day.

His follower count has grown significantly within his first 100 days though.

Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has gained around 7.8-million followers, taking is total to 28.4-million. That number still pales in comparison to Twitter’s king and queen — Justin Bieber and Katy Perry — with 93.3-million and 97.3-million followers respectively.

Feature image: Mark Taylor via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)

Andy Walker, former editor


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