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Fidget spinners are surprisingly good guitar picks, viral video suggests

South Africa hasn’t yet been infected by the global fidget spinner craze. Although you can purchase the distraction device at a number of stores, I’ve yet to see humans in the country playing with one out on the street.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t any less cool.

Of course, these gadgets have also been given a bad rap, and dubbed a fad by many. But some have clearly taken up the challenge to make the fidget spinner, developed in the 1990s by Catherine Hettinger, publicly acceptable.

Yes, you can also use a fidget spinner for things that don’t quite involve fidgeting

Take YouTuber Davie504. His channel is predominantly about crazy guitar challenges involving double necks and 12-stringers. But his latest challenge is one that fits in well with the cultural zeitgeist.

“Many asked: Is it possible to use the fidget spinner to play the bass guitar?,” he writes in the video description.

And judging by the video itself, yes, it’s possible.

Mashing out a few chords from Dick Dale & The Del Tones Misirlou (made famous this century by the Black Eyed Peas), Davie504 used the fidget spinner as a pick to carefully strum, while his other hand craftily frets.

There are a few issues though.

Davie504 has to pause frequently to respin the toy, which while suitable for a YouTube video might not be so effective for a live concert.

Ultimately though, the rate at which the spinner rotates means that users don’t have to furiously pick at the strings by hand. The fidget spinner strums three times per rotation, more than enough to pay due homage to Dick Dale & The Del Tones’ epic 1960s track.

It’s quite marvelous. And that’s probably why the clip has racked up over 200 000 views since its was published two days ago.

Nevertheless, have a look at the embed above, or visit YouTube directly here.

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