Apple showcases Table Mountain, Muizenberg in iPhone 7 tutorial videos

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As smartphones become more complicated, manufacturers are finding novel ways to educate their consumers. Apple’s new video campaign does just that, shedding light on some of the basic ways to shoot with an iPhone 7.

But there’s something particularly noticeable about some of these videos. Especially for South Africans.

Available to view on Apple’s official site and on YouTube, the video series showcases a few landmarks that Cape Town residents would instantly recognise.

One is undeniably Table Mountain, looking across from Lion’s Head. Another is of Muizenberg Beach’s famous colourful changing huts.

While those two are definitely filmed on South African soil, we had an office debate about the rest.

This one is seemingly filmed looking across False Bay from a chasm (possibly the Kogel Bay caves).

The others, well… we all threw our postulations in the hat based on house colours, the incline of streets, the colour of poles and various vegetation in the background that we’ve seen in the city before.

Table Mountain and Muizenberg Beach’s colourful changing huts are just two instantly recognisable SA landmarks in Apple’s latest iPhone 7 videos

Ultimately, we could assume that some are also filmed in South Africa, but we can’t confirm it.

Additionally, it seems that some of the iPhone 7 Plus videos are not filmed in SA, with cars using the right-hand side of the streets a dead giveaway.

Nevertheless, even if we can’t completely verify a few of these videos’ filming locations, it’s a massive boost for South Africa and Cape Town that Apple felt it worthwhile filming some clips in a how to video series here.

We’ve reached out to Apple global and its local distributor to shed more light on the videos, and will update this piece if we hear back.

For now though, have a look at the full playlist here, and let us know where you think Apple filmed some of these videos in the comments below.

Andy Walker, former editor


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