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Twitter adds 230+ new emoji for your enjoyment

Twitter’s 300-million strong user base can look forward to a treat today.

The social network’s UX designer Bryan Haggarty announced this week that users can look forward to seeing and using a slew of new emoji on the social network.

69 new Emoji 5.0 icons are now usable on Twitter for those who have supported platforms, and if you include the variations of these emoji, the number rises to 239.

If you use Twitter’s website regularly, you should have no problem viewing these emoji, and not those rectangle placeholders that highlight unsupported devices.

For now, that unsupported device list is pretty long too. The likes of iOS, MacOS and Android Nougat and older don’t support the new emoji. According to Haggarty though, the emoji should be supported on iOS 11 and Tweetdeck relatively soon.

You can have a look at some of the new emoji that Google will also be including in its Android O mobile OS here.

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