MWEB, WebAfrica hop on LTE-Advanced bandwagon

WebAfrica, LTE-Advanced

A few months ago, we saw Rain (formerly known as WBS) launch its own LTE-Advanced network, delivering faster speeds and better ping. Now, MWEB and WebAfrica have revealed LTE-A products using Rain’s network.

Interestingly enough, the two ISPs are offering identical prices and data allocations, starting off at 55GBs for R549 per month. Need a little more than that? Then you can get 85GBs for R799 a month.

The top-end options from both ISPs see you paying R999 a month for 120GB of data. The packages are month-to-month deals as well, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade as you see fit.

The two service providers differ in their setup pricing though, with MWEB charging R2199 once-off for the router. Meanwhile, WebAfrica charges R2249 for the router.

WebAfrica and MWEB are bringing LTE-Advanced services to SA, being a solid alternative if you can’t get fixed-line internet

How does it compare to ADSL though? You’ll be spending R364 via Telkom (2Mbps line and phone line rental) for starters. Get 200GBs of data via Vox for R200 and you’ll be spending a grand total of R564 a month. This is 2Mbps ADSL though, and WebAfrica is claiming speeds of between 10 and 50Mbps via the LTE-A service.

Nevertheless, these packages are ideal for those without fixed-line coverage, with Rain reportedly targeting 10 000 wireless stations by the end of 2019. The big question is whether the LTE-A service will remain fast once it accrues a ton of users…

In any event, you’ll want to check MWEB and WebAfrica‘s maps to determine your coverage.



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