History of Japan’s Bill Wurtz creates ‘Steve’ and a viral video

Bill Wurtz has a notoriously surreal internet presence, from his “History of” videos to his weird “notebook” which are basically tweets but not… on Twitter. He has a weird Twitter as well.

Now he’s racked up over 1.4-million views on a video in just one day, and that video simultaneously makes no sense and all the sense in the world.

“Hi, I’m Steve” has a very 2007 “i’m so random xD!” feel to it, denoting the life of animated Steve (just kidding, his name’s not Steve).  Steve goes on adventures like climbing mountains, filing tax extensions, and unemployment.

Many commenters have revered the video calling it “art”, “the perfect video” and potentially a “national anthem”. One user went so far as to say “you can make a religion out of this” (referencing another of Wurtz’s videos).

It is only the second video Wurtz has posted this year, but it’s just around a minute long — substantially shorter than his ultra-popular “history of japan” and “history of the entire world, i guess“.

Subscribers will know that long videos are the outliers on Wurtz’s channel, though. The majority of his videos are around the 10-second mark, like this one entitled “old macdonald”.

Or this one called “conversations with a pizza pie”.

Many Twitter users are ecstatic for the new video — especially considering how seldom Wurtz uploads.

But some have taken to Twitter to reminisce on the old days when Wurtz was less popular, making them a little cooler.



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