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Lady Gaga is the coolest substitute teacher you’ll ever have

Getting a pleasant substitute teacher in for the day is one of primary school’s greatest moments. But what if that substitute teacher was in fact Lady Gaga?

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter popped into a classroom in the States to bring some joy to a few kids, and to plug supplies company Staples’s new student programme.

“We’re donating $2 million to DonorsChoose.org and Born This Way Foundation to promote kindness in schools and ensure teachers and students have the resources they need for successful learning in classrooms,” the company writes on the video.

But come on, you aren’t here for that.

What you are here for is the reaction of the kids when Lady Gaga walks through the door. Or the smiles on their faces when reveals that it is actually her. Or, you know, Gaga just sitting around a classroom attentively listening to kids and their visions of their future.

It’s all beautiful, and the kind of happiness the world needs right now.

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