Get Twitter’s 280-character tweets right now with these nifty tricks

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While a swathe of Twitter users aren’t best pleased that Jack Dorsey and company believe longer tweets are of utmost importance, they probably can’t wait to give it a try. Even if it is to express their disdain for the feature itself.

Uh, like this:

While Twitter hasn’t yet rolled out its 280-character tweets to all users, thanks to a few smart people on the internet you can experience double the tweet length right now.

Notably, the same user as above and co-founder of Veracode Christien Rioux explained how he was able to shove 280 As in a single tweet.

This method does involve jumping through a few hoops.

But if you’re intimidated by tweaking lines of code, there’s an alternative solution.

Installing userscript Tampermonkey to Chrome will allow you to run this script that does the above for you.

Follow the below steps:

  • Install the extension here.
  • Once installed, head on over to the script’s page and click on the RAW button in the top right.
  • Copy all the lines of code below the “Source Code” tab.
  • Open Tampermonkey by tapping its icon to the right of Chrome’s address bar.
  • Select “Create a new Script”.
  • Paste the copied text below “Your code here…”
  • Hit the save icon in Tampermonkey.

At this point, you’ll also need to be logged into Twitter and possibly refresh a few times. Notably, this worked for us on Google Chrome, but it should also work on Mozilla Firefox using GreaseMonkey and Violentmonkey on Opera.

If all those letters are getting to your head, you can also disable or remove the extensions and scripts at any time.

Note: installing userscripts does come with its risks, so practice caution when wading through the mire of these on the internet.

There’s no word on when Twitter will implement its longer tweet length across its 328-million-strong userbase, but if you’re as impatient as we are, the above tweaks should quench your thirst for a while.

Andy Walker, former editor


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