Mistakes you are making with Google Analytics [Sponsored]

Google Analytics has proven itself to be the most effective marketing tool. With its excellent and detailed reports, steady systems and user-friendly interface, it has indeed grown faster than ever to become the most trusted tool employed by organisations over the past years.

If you are not seeing revolutionary results with Google Analytics, it is important to take a look at you actions.

Here are some of the common mistakes which companies make.

Not filtering out spam traffic

Most users will recognise one thing, that quite a large part of internet traffic actually is generated from spam which can translate into a significant number of page views for your website but these views are completely useless as these do not represent views from real people, thereby misleading you to believe that you have more viewers than you actually do.

Even after you have already implemented the necessary tools to block spammers, it is still a good idea to filter out all the traffic from spam in order to keep your data precise and accurate. This can be easily achieved by simply applying the Segment to Eliminate Spam Referrals which is offered by Analytics Edge in a Google Analytics suite.

Not filtering out internal session data

Another huge factor which can be massively misleading is the result from the internal session data. It is particularly applicable in case of a larger organization with a huge number of employees where every month thousands of page views are actually generated by the various employees of the organisation itself, while they refer to any of the website data or content for their work.

These false views from internal activity can actually skew your data statistics and give you a hugely inaccurate idea of your website’s performance. Therefore, it is important that you set up a filter which will help you remove these meaningless views from your results. This will ensure that the analytics you are provided are completely accurate and represents the real condition of your views.

Not tracking successful conversions

The biggest dissatisfaction a marketers can be faced with is a low conversion rate and the biggest cause of this is the lack of meticulous tracking of successful conversions. You can make use of the sophisticated features of Google Analytics which can help you track conversion rates accurately and in no time, thus keeping you constantly updated about how your business is actually doing.

Without the necessary conversion data, you will be stuck with an incomplete, and hence, misleading picture of your website’s performance which can be quite harmful. Equipped with all the accurate data you will be able to formulate the best plans for improving your conversion rate.

Using non-effective content

Cliched as it might sound, content has and will continue to be the most important thing when it comes to any website or ad campaign. Without the right kind of content, any campaign or website, no matter how well designed, cannot stand up to generate views.

Hire the service of an excellent content provider if you are not equipped with a good content team yourself. Make sure it is meaningful, crisp and interesting to read. Your content must not contain spelling or grammar errors as it can completely ruin the experience of the viewers. If necessary, you must employ quality transcription services to ensure that your content is flawless.

With a bit of sincerity, work and proper monitoring you can easily get the best out of your website using Google Analytics and thus boost your views, and subsequent sales in no time.



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