Watch: Trump demonstrates the most efficient way of feeding koi

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It’s not often that a wordless tweet goes viral, but when it involves Donald Trump, Japanese President Shinzo Abe and a koi pond, anything is seemingly possible.

The tweet, or more importantly the picture within said tweet, depicted the US President at a koi feeding ceremony during his current visit to Japan.

Sources suggest that he lost patience with delicately spooning the food into the pond below, and instead, dumped the remainder haphazardly into the pool below.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Abe both look puzzled, while a woman standing ahead of Tillerson tries valiantly to hold back a smile.

The picture has been shared over 900 times, with 11 400 likes to boot. And this isn’t the only tweet harbouring this picture.

A video of the incident, published by ABC, also appeared and showcases the entire incident in 32 seconds. And Trump’s unbridled glee.

Twitter made quick work immortalising the fish feeding fiasco into a fledgling meme.

For some reason, Twitter also decreed that Trump’s pants should receive a share of the conversation.

Fish lovers on the social network highlighted their concerns regarding the koi’s health.

While others couldn’t understand why this was news at all.

Trump isn’t simply in Japan to entertain the internet and world’s koi population though. The US President is in Japan and four other Asian countries for 12 days to discuss trade, military expenditure and political relations.

He’s also scheduled to visit South Korea, China, Vietnam and lastly the Philippines on 12 November.

Feature image: screenshot, Alex Pfeiffer (@PfeifferDC) via Twitter

Andy Walker, former editor


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