23 of Twitter’s top Halloween costumes 2017

Twitter halloween 2017

Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of clout. “To Twitter!” spooky users shout.

So grisly ghouls in their costumes close on in to share your doom. And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver.

For no mere mortal can resist the evil fame on Twitter.

(AKA: These are some of the costumes that got the most likes and retweets on Twitter this year. These numbers are as of 9.35am, 1 November.)

23. Eazy-E, @36O4Arin (34 500+)

This little kid is dressed as the rapper Eazy-E, just tah let u know. No more ?’s.

22. Jivanka, Jon and Emily Black Favreau (34 900+)

Crooked Media’s Jon Favreau and wife Emily dressed up as everyone’s favourite White House couple Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump handcuffed together. Wishful thinking or manifesting our destinies? Time will tell.

 21. Unfaithful man, Chase Mitchell (46 000+)

Writer Chase Mitchell caught Twitter’s eye with a beautifully under-prepared meme costume — spurring on this chain of events.

20. Leland Melvin, Andrew Miller (51 000+)

It’s hard not to want to be astronaut Leland Melvin in that famous image of him and his loving dogs — and for one little girl, that dream became (somewhat) a reality.

 19. Shirtless Leo DiCaprio, Greg Baroth (61 000+)

Back in 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio mesmerised everyone by running around shirtless holding a toy gun. Three years later, Greg Baroth is reminding him the internet is written in ink.

18. Pennywise, Wilberth Gonzalez spotted by T. Kyle MacMahon (68 000+)

Pennywise may have shown off some whack dance moves in this year’s It, but costume designer Wilberth Gonzalez breathed new life into the character when he danced to Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.”

What can we say? We stan too.

17. One on One, Rob Gotti (70 000+)

Comfortable and adorable, Rob Gotti and his partner killed it in the iconic outfits from 2000s sitcom One on One‘s Breanna and Arnaz.

16. Franalations, @addiedafaddie (113 000+)

Twitter user @addiedafaddie went all out as YouTuber Franalations who became popular when someone used part of this tutorial video in a Vine.

15. Street vendor, posted by @emiliobarrow (118 000+)

Not entirely sure where this one came from, but user @Emiliobarrow’s post of this cute kid dressed as his local street vendor is magical.

14. Arthur, @misskeencore (145 000+)

Twitter user @misskeencore bowled over Twitter with her adorable Arthur costume from the eponymous kids cartoon. She even avoided posting a picture of the obvious fist meme, because she’s classy like that.

 13. Russell, Sam Hashimoto (159 000+)

This is a pretty shabby costume, but Mr Guam over here has clout and a set of abs anyone can enjoy. So.

12. Loiter Squad, @marthaspeaks__ (162 000+)

Loiter Squad was a sketch comedy series starring Tyler, The Creator — and one particular moment found its natural home in Vine. Here’s a pretty incredible recreation of that moment.

11. Sid, Will Poulter (173 000+)

Actor Will Poulter has been likened to the evil Sid from Toy Story since the start of his career, and this year he used that power to raise awareness for the NGO Anti-Bullying Pro. Nailed it.

10. San Junipero, Syena and Bridget (196 000+)

Twitter user @jesuspinkman and her girlfriend @presidentgay went as the couple from the Black Mirror “San Junipero”, and their costumes were so good Netflix US retweeted it.

9. Friday, posted by Christina (222 000+)

Two super cute kids + beloved comedy Friday + reference to a popular GIF = instant Twitter success (and a good number of reposts).

8. Oatmeal meme, Ashley (228 000+)

One of Vine’s greatest achievements was etching this court moment into our cultural memory. This is the tribute it deserves.

7. Peter Pan and his shadow, @tonygar1997 (232 000+)

This couple’s costume may be slightly unfair — someone did have to lie on the ground after all — but these guys pulled it off with aplomb.

6. Hidden Figures, @dwellons on Instagram (242 000+)

Ready to cry? These three girls saw Hidden Figures and were so inspired they dressed up as the main trio and modeled their little hearts out. Daniel Day-Lewis wishes he could do character work like this.

(This was reposted a few times, so numbers aren’t entirely accurate.)

5. Bride of Chucky, @fabian101907 (282 000+)

Communication may be key to a long-lasting relationship, but a lack thereof is key to some Halloween Twitter fame.

4. Eleven, Netflix US via Reddit user Cooter_McDoogletron (294 000+)

It’s the mark of a great costume when you look nothing like the original character and are still recognisable instantly. Props to this guy for going all in.

3. Wine, Amy (383 000+)

After a year patiently awaiting the payoff, Amy and her friend Megan can be proud of what they’ve accomplished. Next year brandy? A hangover? The chemical reaction in your bloodstream that makes you emotional wine drunk?

2. Idiot Sandwich, Kathelina (396 000+)

“Idiot sandwich” is one of the best memes starring Gordon Ramsay, and now it’s one of the best costumes of 2017. But will the notoriously scathing celeb chef have anything to say about it on Twitter? Here’s hoping.

1. Ratatouille, Mads (729 200+)

This costume is cute. It’s funny. It took effort and skill and hidden lights. It won Twitter’s heart.

Featured image: Screenshots from @AndrewCMiller, @marthaspeaks__, @ChaseMit, @kaaatdoan, @mynamesamy_, @AshleyKay72. Overlay from Pixabay (CC0). Font by FontPanda.



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