Let’s go down the Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir rabbit hole one last time

Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are record-breaking ice dancers who have wowed the skating world since forming a team in 1997. The pair have won three Olympic gold medals and two silvers — but, more importantly, they’ve also won the internet’s hearts.

Record-breaking ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have endured dating rumours for ages because we all have eyes

The thing about Tessa and Scott is that they’re also, according to the web and very good science, madly in love and secretly dating. But the 2018 Winter Olympics marks the end of their competitive careers.

So, without any promise that they’ll ever confirm a relationship, let us dive once more down the Virtue Moir rabbit hole and convince ourselves the dancing duo is in a healthy, loving, and passionate relationship. Because why not?

They “dated” when they were young

Tessa and Scott have admitted to “dating” (whatever that means for children) when they were seven and nine for eight whole months before he broke it off after being teased. Eight months for a seven year old is 10% of your life. That’s a long time.

Could the childhood crushes have turned into adult love? Check out these videos to decide for yourself.

Their dances are hella romantic

One of the strongest pieces of evidence for the dancers’ relationship are their dances themselves. Often romantic, often sensual, always on point — Tessa and Scott are great at what they do.

But they also know the pull of their connection. In their reality show, Tessa & Scott, the duo bring in a renowned ballroom dancer for a touching lesson. Scott is advised to touch Tessa seductively while she looks as pleased as she can by the contact.

Not to mention the move now dubbed the “cunniliftus” that was deemed too risqué by the International Olympic Committee. They knew exactly what they were doing to us and the judges when they added it.

They’re also romantic when they don’t need to be

Tessa and Scott benefit from selling their love on the ice, but they get little from selling their love off it. And yet often outside competition, they’re weirdly close.

Here’s a moment from Pyeongchang where they hug gently for an inordinate amount of time.


And here’s them after winning gold in the team event casually holding hands while skating towards the podium. Just two pals who centre themselves by holding hands. Super platonic.


Let’s also not forget those warm-up kisses that, sure, you need to practice, but come on.

You know what else is super romantic? Knowing your partner’s sleeping patterns. Here’s a video of Scott letting slip how restlessly Tessa sleeps. And, sure, when you’ve been skating together for over 20 years, you’re bound to know these things — but his “… I read” cover-up and her look hint at something more.

They speak so dotingly of each other

None of those videos convince you? Here it is from the horses’ mouths.

“Sometimes I might not have the power to do it for myself but I will always do it for Tess,” Scott says.

“There is something so powerful about sharing a common goal and investing every inch of your body,” Tessa says. “It binds you in an almost inexplicable way that no one else could understand.”

Okay, so maybe they’re just long-time partners and great actors. But also maybe they’re married with a hidden kid like the conspiracists think. We’ll likely never know.

Feature image: syntheticstrings via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0, resized)



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