YouTuber boxing match brings in 1.6m viewers

A boxing match between YouTuber rivals KSI and Joe Weller, livestreamed Saturday night, was at its peak watched by 1.6-million viewers. Two days later, the recording has over 15.4-million views.

In August last year, KSI challenged Weller to a fight after the latter beat another YouTuber, Theo Baker.

The two had shared friendly banter and collaborated on YouTube prior to the declaration, but their relationship soured — or they realised there was more money to be made in animosity.

In the months leading up to the match, Weller and KSI posted YouTube diss tracks and responses to diss tracks, each receiving millions of views. But they were working on building momentum for the true money-making endeavour: the match.

Nearly 8000 people attended the match between KSI and Joe Weller, each paying around R1100 for a ticket

According to Daily Mail, nearly 8000 people attended the match, with each ticket costing £66 (around R1100). As much as £100 000 (R1.69-million) was placed in bets by Friday night. And that’s just the money floating around outside of the livestream and YouTube video.

The actual fight only lasted three rounds, with KSI declared the winner. In his victory speech, he singled out “Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls” to take him on next.

When Jake then tweeted asking who “PSI” was — and why people were asking about him, KSI jabbed back, noting that Jake followed him on Twitter.

Jake then encouraged KSI to fight their father.

And so it begins again.



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