Trump, Merkel and other world leaders star in new G7 Summit meme

donald trump angela merkel g7 meme instagram

You just can’t keep US President Donald Trump out of the meme world for too long. Well, at least him and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

On Friday, Merkel’s social media team published the image to Instagram, where it received more than 65 000 likes and 4700 comments. From there, it found its way onto Twitter, where users highlighted the indifferent expressions of the world leaders.

The scene itself is straight out of a baroque painting.

The discussion was reportedly related to Trump’s threat to stop trade with nations imposing tariffs on goods from the United States.

In subsequent shots, host of the G7 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau can also be seen, while Trump remains the only individual seated.

The perfect instant recipe for a light and fluffy meme? You bet.

The G7 meme goes viral

Beyond Twitter, Google Trends has also noted an uptick in search queries worldwide related to the picture and resultant memes.

“G7 Meme” and “Donald Trump Angela Merkel” seem to be the most popular, especially in the United States, Canada and Singapore, where Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is this week set to meet in a landmark summit.

The image has also blown up on Reddit.

A single post from r/MemeEconomy has seen more than 3557 positive karma, with 179 comments, and the “BUY BUY BUY” flair. 153 of those posts are users “investing” in the meme’s prosperity.

r/DankMemes has also embraced it.

I want McDonalds tho from r/dankmemes

The thing is, like I have rights. from r/dankmemes

While the angle of the viral shot seems less than cordial, subsequent snaps published by Bloomberg shows laughter shared amongst the politicians.

Serious or jovial, this meme is a text book example of a perfectly timed picture.

Feature image: Angela Merkel (@bundeskanzlerin) via Instagram

Andy Walker, former editor


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