Epic (and hilarious) driver fails [Sponsored]

There is no such thing as a perfect driver. Sometimes, people unknowingly break the rules or forget to do something really important — like stopping at a red robot! Whatever the reason, people do make mistakes — as is clear in the videos below! Have a look at these antics by drivers who probably didn’t get their license first time round.

Parallel parking is hard

There are many people who have been driving for years and still avoid parallel parking. As some would say: “the struggle is real!” But sometimes, parallel parking is the only option… Watch this driver struggle to parallel park despite having more than enough space.

Drunk driver performs miracles

The golden rule is: never drink and drive. If you’ve had one too much, opt for a take-me-home service like WeDrive from MiWay. With WeDrive a driver takes you home in the comfort of your own car.

Thankfully, the driver in this hilarious short video seems not to have caused harm to anyone. The police officer tests the driver and he surprisingly exceeds her every expectation. He definitely has the “moves like Jagger!” First, she asks him to recite the alphabet backwards and then, she asks him to dance. See why we’re so gobsmacked — and watch until the end:

Don’t forget the handbrake

It’s mandatory to engage the handbrake before exiting your car, but sometimes, people forget. We’re not sure if it was this driver’s first time or if it’s a regular occurrence (we hope it’s the former). Luckily nobody was hurt.

What’s a U-turn?

This driver probably has never done a U-turn before! Check how the driver holds up two cars, a group of motorbike riders and a church procession. We aren’t sure if this driver eventually managed, so we’re issuing a frustration warning!

Learning to drive isn’t easy

If you think back to when you first learned to drive, you’ll remember how scary — yet exciting — it was. This funny, sweet (and aptly captioned “emotional rollercoaster”) video of a mother teaching her daughter is worth watching. First, the daughter tries to drive off without disengaging the handbrake and then nervously asks, “How do I stop the car?”

Driving is mostly fun. But before you hit the road, make sure you have the protection of trusted car insurance. As we can see, mistakes do happen, so apply for an online insurance quote at a price tailored to your pocket. Remember these videos and don’t delay. Do it today!

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