President Cyril Ramaphosa dragged by SA Twitter as cost of living rises

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President Cyril Ramaphosa paid tribute on Tuesday 20 February 2018 to President Jacob Zuma for his contribution to South Africa’s development during his nine years in office. President Ramaphosa hosted a farewell cocktail function for President Zuma at The Presidency, Tuynhuys, Cape Town. The occasion was attended by members of Cabinet, Deputy Ministers and Presidency officials. President Zuma wished President Ramaphosa well and expressed his gratitude to Presidency staff for service to the President and the country. President Zuma called on Presidency staff to work diligently in supporting President Ramaphosa and helping South Africa to succeed. 20/02/2018 Kopano Tlape, GCIS

The honeymoon period is officially over, South Africa.

Earlier this year, the country rejoiced when President Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in, replacing Jacob Zuma.

For a few weeks afterward, we enjoyed the memes, his run along Sea Point promenade, and even the jokes shared with EFF leader Julius Malema.

Now, 141 days into the Ramaphosa Presidency and South Africans are struggling to stave off the rising cost of living. Food, fuel and even the recently cold snap are being blamed on the president.

The hashtag #SinceWeSentRamaphosa began trending across the country Friday afternoon, and South Africans were all too ready to embrace it.

Some took it quite seriously.

Others used jest as a coping mechanism.

And some tweets were just, well, you decide.

The rising discontent on Twitter is notable, considering Ramaphosa’s likeability on the social network.

In mid-February 2018, Ramaphosa boasted a Twitter account with some 106 000 followers, up from 19 600 two months prior. Now, more than 252 000 people follow his daily activities.

Feature image: Former South African President Jacob Zuma (left), and 5th South African President Cyril Ramaphosa by GovernmentZA via Flickr (CC 2.0 BY-ND)

Andy Walker, former editor


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