How to generate B2B leads? 4 tips to follow [Sponsored]

With changing times, the purchasing behavior of B2B buyers have also evolved. Nowadays, CEOs and VPs make purchase decisions online and more often their decisions are influenced by social media.

Here are four tips that will help you to quickly generate B2B leads:

Remain omni-present in the minds of customers

It has been rightly said that you must target somebody rather than everybody. Keeping this in mind, you must identify and create customer personas. Once, you have segmented your audience, it’s time to remain omni-present in the minds of your prospects.

Omni-present experience means your brand is always there for the customer no matter which channel or device he/she uses to reach for the services or products offered by your brand.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Have a responsive website so that you can reach your audience irrespective of the device they use to visit your website. B2B ecommerce platform from shopify is a great tool that will help you to create vibrant customer experience across all devices.
  • Create mobile and desktop apps that upgrades the user experience and guides them to complete the services that your business offers.
  • Combine offline and online forces together. Oasis, a leading fashion retailer in UK offers a truly exceptional omni-present customer experience. Every sales associate uses an iPad to give you accurate product information and in case the product isn’t available online then the representatives places an online order and get the goods directly delivered to your home.
  • Make sure your business has its presence on local communities, social media, local events and every other place where your audiences might be present.
  • Make your business available everywhere. If you leave any opportunity then your competitors would be quick to capitalize on it.
  • Remain committed to your business goals and never disappoint the customers.
  • Hire competent customer service staff who know how to deal with an angry customer without losing patience. It will help to generate good publicity about your brand and remember your existing customers are the best source to generate new customers.

Take the kelp of storytelling in content marketing

Storytelling is an excellent idea for any marketing campaign. The biggest advantage that storytelling offers is its ability to get viral meaning your reach gets doubled thereby increasing your chances of generating relevant B2B leads.

You need to educate the customers in order to make them buy your products or services by creating quality content. Storytelling is the oldest form of education and marketing is nothing but a collection of stories that makes the prospects believe in your business.

Brand storytelling is extremely important and if you are struggling to come up with new stories then your brand’s internal data can prove to be useful. As content marketing agency, suggests, “Internal data can include any one of the following:

  • Sales trends
  • Customer habits
  • Software user trends
  • Operational trends
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Internal research
  • Results from surveys

Once you have real data and a super useful idea, go ahead with storytelling in order to establish brand recognition and consumer trust. When people start trusting your business, your leads will automatically start to grow.

Leverage the power of email marketing

B2B email marketing is still a top strategy when it comes to generating ROI friendly leads. Here are some top tips to follow while doing B2B email marketing:

  • Use an email service provider like MailChimp that offers highly responsive, personalized and automated email marketing.
  • Define an objective for email marketing campaign that you intend to run.
  • Build and segment your list and use RSS-to-email feed strategy.
  • Create a lead nurturing campaign to allow your leads to mature before they turn into customers.
  • State the incentive of opening the email in the subject line.
  • Provide a clear message in your email and do not distract the audience.
  • Address your email to the concerned person instead of addressing it the CEO. The concerned department heads is a great option to target depending on the niche of your services.
  • Provide a solution to a problem and deliver value from your emails.

Conduct webinars to reach prospects

Conducting webinars is a great way to generate relevant B2B leads. Webinars are easy and affordable to produce and they allow you to connect with a broader audience. It gives you the option to connect directly with several B2B prospects all at the same time thereby instantly increasing your chances of conversion. Here are some tricks to promote your webinar effectively:

  • Plan your webinars before you start reaching out to prospects. Have an agenda that is based on the most pressing problem your target audience is facing and offer to provide a solution. A webinar platform like ClickMeeting is a best place to start.
  • Start promoting your webinars at least 4 weeks prior to your schedule date because you will need to give to the people to subscribe to your webinar.
  • Leverage the power of email marketing and social media to promote your webinar.
  • Host the webinar at a time when your audience is most likely to attend it.
  • Longer webinars perform much better than the shorter ones so make sure your webinars run for at least 60 minutes.
  • Regularly follow up with your webinar participants in order to convert more of them.


Generating relevant B2B sales leads is tough but if you follow the right strategies then you can surely move ahead of your competitors. Follow the tips suggested in the article and always try to provide value to your customers.

Feature image: 089photoshootings via Pixabay (CC0)



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