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South Africa is the world’s fifth most Instagrammable country

South Africa is the world’s fifth most Instagrammable country according to travel publication Big Seven Travel.

Ranking 192 countries based on hashtags, geolocations, reader input, and votes by “a panel of experts”, South Africa was bested only by Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and Indonesia.

But unlike losing in the quarter final of a sporting competition, South Africa can draw encouragement from the notable travel destinations it has outranked.

This includes the Maldives (6th), Thailand (14th), Japan (15th) and Spain (18th).

While Big Seven only lists Cape Town’s most Instagrammable landmarks (I mean, for good reason), what about South Africa’s other large cities and attractions?

The hashtag #capetown features more than 8.6-million entries, #johannesburg features 1.6-million, while #durban features 1.5-million posts.

#southafrica itself is mentioned in more than 13.1-million uploads.

As for some other popular destinations in South Africa, #tablemountain boasts 903 000 entries, #krugernationalpark features 384 000, while the #drakensberg features 116 000 posts.

While it’s always fun to gloat about our country’s greatness, don’t take the ranking as gospel for your travel plans. After all, the 192nd and last ranked country is Tuvalu. And have you seen Tuvalu!?

Feature image: Table Mountain with Cape Town in the foreground, by South African Tourism via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Author | Andy Walker: Editor

Andy Walker: Editor
Camper by day, run-and-gunner by night, Andy prefers his toast like his coffee -- dark and crunchy. Specialising in spotting the next big Instagram cat star, Andy also dabbles in smartphone, gadget and game reviews over on Gearburn. More

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