This ridiculous load shedding stage meme is the brightest thing about Eskom’s crisis

candle eskom load shedding meme

Say what you want about the state of our country, but we South Africans sure know how to make light of the most dire situations. Pun intended.

While load shedding has abated somewhat, with Stage 2 implemented as of Friday morning, a new meme has emerged that pokes fun at Eskom’s inability to keep the lights on, and in some cases, the Sun.

According to Eskom, the utility does have shedding schedules from five through to eight planned, but we’ve not yet required anything more severe than Stage 4.

That said, while waiting for the lights to switch on, Twitter this week found it more entertaining to imagine how much worse Eskom’s electricity crisis could possibly be, starting with Stage 7.

Think that’s bad? What about Stage 46664?

Laugh for now, but Eskom’s electricity crisis is far from over. Although load shedding has been reduced to Stage 2, that’s largely thanks to diesel which has finally arrived in the country.

As of Tuesday, just 56% of Eskom’s installed capacity was available.

Solutions are set to be made public by state enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan and Eskom’s task force within the next ten days. Until then, keep those candles handy and those memes incoming.

Feature image: kloxklox via Pixabay

Andy Walker, former editor


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