Small dogs, Harry Potter wands and weird things people forget in Uber cars

uber lost and found dog nishizuka pexels

Have you forgotten or left anything important behind in an Uber? Well, how does it feel to be a statistic?

On Tuesday, Uber released its annual lost and found index — a survey of the strangest and most common things Uber riders have left in their drivers’ vehicles.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen phones, cameras, wallets, and keys top the list of most commonly forgotten items, with glasses, vapes and drivers licenses rounding out the top ten,” the company writes on its blog.

“But riders aren’t just leaving the usuals behind – they’re forgetting everything from eight-week-old Chihuahuas, to Harry Potter Magic Wands, to beard oil and so much more.”

Yes. Someone left their dog in an Uber. We’re just glad it wasn’t a baby.

The survey’s only a snapshot of the US, so feel free to laugh out loud South Africa.

Here are some of the strangest on the list:

  • A black and white tuxedo for a small dog (at least it wasn’t an actual dog).
  • Full set of 18k gold teeth (apparently Lil Jon frequents Ubers).
  • Professional grade hula hoop (wth is a “professional” grade hula hoop?)
  • Birth certificate and social security card (yeah, this just sucks).
  • A pack of hair and a brown brush shaped like a foot (you got our attention, Uber).
  • Breast pump with breast milk (at least they remembered the baby).
  • One Gucci flip flop (apparently Bhad Bhabie frequents Ubers).
  • A piece of parchment paper with sap on it (some budding dendrologist just failed a project).
  • My dirty laundry (haven’t we all left this in an Uber?)

“The Index shows you’re most likely to lose something on a Saturday or Sunday – especially between the hours of 10pm-1am,” Uber adds.

While if you find yourself out on 1 January or 29 October — New Year’s Day or Halloween, be extra cautious: these are the days you’re most likely to forget something — or your dog — in the back of an Uber.

Feature image: Nishizuka via Pexels

Andy Walker, former editor


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