Boeing’s parking its grounded 737 MAX planes in car parks

boeing 737 max South Africa

More than three months since it was banned from the skies, Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 planes are still grounded, and this is posing a problem for the company at its Washington state facility.

The aircraft manufacturer now has so many planes on the ground at its Renton manufacturing plant, that it’s now using its employee parking space, meant for cars, to park some of its jets.

According to a number of snaps upload to Twitter and Instagram (discovered by Jalopnik), some 737 MAXs are happily parked alongside their four-wheeled road-going transportation cousins.

Each plane takes up about 28 parking bays, and it’s not clear how Boeing staffers are ditching their everyday vehicles (or if some of them are driving to work in these planes).

Judging by video captured by a Seattle-based news agency, planes waiting to be delivered to Turkish Airlines, TUI, United, and American airlines are all on the ground.

American Airlines in particular believes that the jet will take to the skies once more from September, but the software fix which is set to remedy the plane’s tendency to push its nose down, is not yet certified.

With that said, you’re probably more likely seeing this jet in a parking lot intended for cars right now than on a runway.

Feature image: Boeing

Andy Walker, former editor


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