Donald Trump, Xi Jinping G20 talks throws Huawei a potential lifeline

Huawei P9 smartphone, Trump

US president Donald Trump will continue to allow American companies to trade with Chinese firms, this comes after trade talks with Chinese president Xi Jinping resumed this weekend at the G20 Summit in Japan.

Trump has agreed to delay additional tariffs on Chinese products, while China will spend more on American farm products. But more importantly for us techies, it seems that the US is also considering relaxing the ban on Huawei.

“We’re talking about equipment where there’s not a great national-emergency problem with it,” Trump said according to the Wall Street Journal.

The smartphone maker was placed on a trade entities list by Trump’s administration in May, disallowing the firm to sell wares to American companies. It also meant that Huawei would be unable to purchase US-made products and tech, including Google’s Android license and Qualcomm’s mobile chipsets.

Despite Trump’s rosier outlook, it’s not currently clear if Huawei will be removed from said list. The US is set to hold internal meetings on how best to deal with the company.

“We are leaving Huawei towards the end. We are seeing what goes with the trade agreement,” Trump added, according to CNN.

While the news doesn’t yet spell the end to Huawei’s six-week long nightmare, it does suggest a slight and possible reprieve for the Chinese smartphone and telecoms giant could be on the horizon.

Feature image: The Huawei P9 smartphone, by Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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