Using one WhatsApp account on multiple devices could become a reality

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WABetaInfo, the blog that tends to know more about WhatsApp’s early features than any other, is suggesting that soon users will be able to use a single account on multiple device.

Yes, this suggests that you can use one WhatsApp account, and be signed in on said account, on more than just one PC/Android phone/iOS device at a time, much like Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger.

Currently, to use WhatsApp on a new device, you have to sign out of your existing device. Only WhatsApp Web lets you remain signed in on desktop and mobile, but even then, the former acts as a mirror of the latter.

Imagine, WhatsApp running on your iPad and iPhone at the same time? Or your backup, cheap phones in your car, and your daily driver?

The blog notes that the feature is “currently under development” and there’s no estimated time of release, but there’s quite a few hurdles for the WhatsApp team to clear before this becomes a reality.

WhatsApp could let you use one account on more than one device, at the same time

For one, syncing data and messages across devices would be paramount. And secondly, end-to-end encryption.

“With the new system, WhatsApp is also improving their end-to-end encryption, because probably something needs to be changed, seen that the messages must be sent to more devices (unfortunately there aren’t a lot of details available right now, but I’m sure they are going to modify something about that),” WABetaInfo notes.

WABetaInfo notes that this is just a “rumour” at this point, but it’s an exciting one, and if true, could bloat WhatsApp users numbers by a fair amount.

But while WhatsApp doesn’t really need to add this feature it does make sense from a user convenience standpoint. That said, the likes of Telegram — possibly WhatsApp’s chief rival in terms of functionality, but definitely not in user numbers — already boasts this feature.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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