YouTube will require timestamps to verify manual copyright claims

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YouTube on Tuesday announced that it will now require timestamps on manual copyright claims to specifically indicate where a video is infringing on copyright.

Manual copyright claims, which allow owners to claim infringement on videos when YouTube does not automatically detect it, has often been abused and misunderstood on the platform. Now, owners have to indicate “exactly what part” of a video they are claiming to prove that infringement has occurred.

“Just as you would if you receive an automatic claim from our Content ID matching system, you’ll now see timestamps in Creator Studio when you get a manual claim,” the company explained in its blog.

This means that YouTubers who receive the manual claims can see where their videos break the rules and edit them accordingly if necessary.

“We’ll be evaluating the accuracy of these timestamps. Copyright owners who repeatedly fail to provide accurate data will have their access to manual claiming revoked,” YouTube also noted.

New editing tools designed to work with manual claim timestamps in the Creator Studio will also help users efficiently edit offending content. This will include an option to mute sound, change audio and trim video within the specified timestamp.

Once the content is edited, the copyright claim will be removed.

“We’re always looking to find ways to improve the creator copyright experience while also balancing the rights of copyright owners,” the company concluded.

Feature image: Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

Shereesa Moodley


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