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All posts by Shereesa Moodley

Shereesa is a self proclaimed creative and proud journalism graduate of Rhodes University. With a love for photography and vlogging, she's a YouTube and Instagram addict not to mention a passionate writer and complete Potterhead.
  • WhatsApp will limit how many messages you can forward

    Last week WhatsApp announced that it will label forwarded messages. This week, the social media platform is launching a test to limit forwarded messages altogether. Limited forwarding means that there will be a certain number of chats you can forward to a group of specific user at a time. Though the blog post did not say what this limit will specifically be, it did state that users in India will be given a "lower" limit of five chats at once, along with the removal of the quick forwarding option. According to WhatsApp, India has the highest forwarding traffic of any nation. "We believe...

  • Friday the 13th: Notice any of these creepy online occurrences today?

    It’s Friday the 13th. It's an infamously creepy day and all I’ve been thinking about are the odd things I notice whenever I’m signed in to Facebook or Google. Can you relate? If you can, let us know which one of these occurrences you've experienced online today. Logging into Facebook and seeing an ad for something you Googled the previous day. Example: Curiously researching smoothie recipes and then seeing ads for juice blenders. Waiting for a flight and being notified of a delay via Google before the airline even has time to make an announcement (flight number included!) Facebook asks you to...

  • WhatsApp now labels the forwarded messages you receive

    A new feature on WhatsApp will now indicate if a message you receive has been forwarded from another conversation. This means that you will be able to see if you are the original receiver of a message or not. Forwarding messages is a simple affair: hold said message until WhatsApp's top command bar is visible, then hit the right-facing arrow icon at the right hand side of the bar. A list of contacts will then appear. Additionally, if you receive a forwarded message, you will be notified by a small label above said message. "This extra context will help make one-on-one and group chats...

  • Instagram Stories gets more complicated with ‘questions’ sticker

    Instagram has released a new “questions” sticker option for Instagram Stories. This is an interactive feature that will allow users to post “prompts” on their stories to increase audience interaction. Viewers of your story can tap on this sticker to ask you questions about your post. You can see these responses in your list of viewers. To reply, all you have to do is tap on the question of your choice. A new story, with your response, can then be created. "The questions sticker gives you another easy way to get closer with all of your friends," Instagram writes on its...