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All posts by Shereesa Moodley

  • WhatsApp Web now supports picture-in-picture

    WhatsApp Web has now gained the picture-in-picture feature from the mobile app, according to a report by WABetaInfo, This means that WhatsApp Web users will be able to watch videos that have been sent via an external link through a pop-up window within the chat itself. All you have to do is tap the preview picture that loads when you receive/send the link. The WhatsApp feature leak site also notes that video links from YouTube, Instagram, Streamable and Facebook are currently supported. The feature is set to roll out with WhatsApp Web's next update, namely version 0.3.2041. Feature image: Memeburn

  • Samsung is going green with sustainable packaging

    Electronics maker Samsung will begin replacing its plastic packaging with sustainable materials. "From the first half of 2019, the packaging used currently for Samsung’s products and accessories – ranging from mobile phones and tablets to home appliances – will be substituted with environmentally sustainable materials like recycled/bio-based plastics and paper," the company announced in a press release. The company has formed a task force to design and implement the new materials for each of its products. Phones, tablets and wearables Samsung will now use pulp to make plastic holder trays for its smartphones, tablet and wearables. "Samsung will also alter the phone charger...

  • Facebook debuts Privacy Checkup, Clear History features

    Facebook is launching new privacy features in honour of Data Privacy Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about online privacy. The new features include a Privacy Checkup, a notice from Facebook reminding you to review your privacy settings. According to the company, the check up will remind you about who you allow to see posts, who can see your information, what information you're publicly displaying and which apps have access to your Facebook profile. The feature, which will pop up on your News Feed, will roll out globally over the next fortnight. Facebook is also launching a new Privacy and Data...

  • WhatsApp Business features expand to web and desktop versions

    To celebrate WhatsApp Business' first birthday, the company has expanded popular features from the mobile platform to the web and desktop. This means that companies using WhatsApp Business now have access to features like Quick Replies, Labels and Chat List Filtering via WhatsApp Web and desktop app. Quick Replies allow businesses to send out responses to common questions, while Labels help organize chats and Filtering manages unread, group or broadcast messages. "Using these features on a computer helps businesses save time and get back to their customers quickly," the company said in a blog post. According to WhatsApp, over five million businesses now...

  • Facebook is shutting down Moments in February

    Facebook is shutting down Moments, its photo sharing app. In an interview with CNET, the company revealed Moments will be shut down at the end of February. Moments allowed Facebook users to share photos with contacts privately, without uploading them. "We know the photos people share are important to them so we will continue offering ways to save memories within the Facebook app," said Rushabh Doshi, Moments' director of product management. The company has set up a website that will allow users to export their images before the platform is discontinued. "You can start your export from any device. If you create private...

  • Netflix working on its own Resident Evil series, report suggests

    Netflix is working on a Resident Evil series, according to a report by entertainment publication Deadline. The site revealed that Netflix has plans to delve deeper into the Resident Evil universe, while keeping the original plot from the movie franchise in tact. Constantin Film, the same production studio that worked on the movies, will be working with Netflix. The zombie apocalypse franchise -- which was inspired by a 1996 game -- has been around since 2002, with six movies under its belt with an upcoming reboot also planned. It's unclear whether the movies and TV series will coincide. Feature image: Memeburn

  • Facebook wants to make Pages ‘more transparent’ with new update

    Facebook has revealed new updates to Pages in an attempt to make pages more transparent and hold owners more accountable on its platform. "We’re taking new steps in how we handle Page content that goes against our policies," the company announced on its news blog. The first update comes in the form of a Page Quality tab for Page admins, which will help them understand how their content is perceived. The tab will show users content that Facebook has removed for violating their community guidelines, as well as content "recently rated 'False,' 'Mixture' or 'False Headline' by third-party fact-checkers". "We hope this will...

  • Twitter remembers Zim music icon Oliver Mtukudzi

    Zimbabwean jazz musician Oliver Mtukudzi has passed away at the age of 66 after battling with diabetes. Mtukudzi rose to fame in the 1970s and was considered an icon in the Southern African music industry. Some of his most loved songs included "Neria", "Wasakara"and "Todii". He was also well known for his political activism and was a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Africa. In the wake of his death, musicians, celebrities and fans took to Twitter to post their favourite memories with Mtukudzi. https://twitter.com/DJFreshSA/status/1088090858379988992 https://twitter.com/Blaklez/status/1088086928736616450 https://twitter.com/M_Letsholonyane/status/1088115339584512000 https://twitter.com/jsomethingmusic/status/1088162966439165953 https://twitter.com/Bfacemwape/status/1088129500272037892 Mtukudzi died exactly a year after his friend, South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela. https://twitter.com/thembandala/status/1088082905367265280 The president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa...

  • Netflix lets users ‘share’ what they’re watching on Instagram Stories

    A new update to Netflix lets users share what they're watching to Instagram Stories, according to a report by TechCrunch. The update, which is available for iOS users only, can be accessed via the Netflix app's "share" button, where you will find the Instagram Stories option. Other options including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and Twitter are also listed. "We’re always on the lookout for ways to make it easier for members to share the Netflix titles they’re obsessing about and help them discover something new to watch," the company told the publication. Netflix has previously drawn inspiration from Instagram Stories for its...

  • ‘Leave Chris Brown alone’ rings across Twitter after Paris arrest

    Recording artist Chris Brown has been detained in Paris on the suspicion of rape, according to French officials. The 29-year-old singer, as well as two other men, on Monday were detained after a 24-year-old woman filed a rape complaint in the French capital. Within an hour since the news broke on Tuesday, the star's name began to trend on Twitter. The social network wasn't kind and was quick to point out Brown's history, and likened him to another recording artist currently in the press. https://twitter.com/jcsepjj/status/1087672950210351105 https://twitter.com/impishkerfuffle/status/1087685087901220867 https://twitter.com/East_from_Eden/status/1087669487325904896 https://twitter.com/EnosseMakinta/status/1087698482213933058 https://twitter.com/MissGinaDarling/status/1087691771872571392 https://twitter.com/barneyhw11/status/1087670425184886784 Though the singer has a well known history of violence, some are still on his side. "Leave Chris Brown alone"...

  • Spotify is testing an artist block feature

    Spotify will soon allow you to block certain artists on playlists. According to a report by Thurrott, the company is testing a feature that will let users block or avoid artists from gracing your playlists or albums on your Spotify app. The feature does not appear on web versions of Spotify at present, the report adds, and also won't block songs that feature your selected artists. It's not clear when the feature will roll out globally. Feature image: Memeburn

  • WhatsApp rolls out its message forwarding limit worldwide

    WhatsApp is rolling out its revised forwarding limit worldwide in an effort to curb the spread of false information. The feature was released in India last year, and limits users to five forwarding shares. This means that when you receive one of those "kidnappers are in your area" chain messages, you will only be able to spread the fake news to five other contacts. "Starting today, all users on the latest versions of WhatsApp can now forward to only five chats at once, which will help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts," WhatsApp said in an updated blog post. The...

  • Twitter shames Erykah Badu for praying for R. Kelly

    A video of R&B singer Erykah Badu publicly airing her views on the R. Kelly drama has surfaced on social media. In the clip taken by an concert goer in Chicago this past weekend, the singer can be heard saying a prayer for the known sexual abuser. https://twitter.com/CWest426/status/1087067890627604482 Unfortunately for Badu, many fans believed that the gesture was a form of defence for R. Kelly. A slew of users then took to Twitter to shame her. https://twitter.com/ThatsSoAshtynn/status/1087041761573257221 https://twitter.com/TheJessieWoo/status/1087011518670090240 https://twitter.com/meechskates/status/1087009607619411971 https://twitter.com/majistiii/status/1086927806720811008 https://twitter.com/hardollas/status/1087015785686540290 https://twitter.com/nuffsaidny/status/1087004135201873923 Some even attacked her spiritual beliefs, calling her "fake-deep" and "actually quite stupid". https://twitter.com/Ronse325/status/1087063919758319617 https://twitter.com/alysSAWRAH/status/1087020136630865920 https://twitter.com/TheThrillmonger/status/1087016443370192903 Badu did take to Twitter in the wake of the incident, and tweeted "I...

  • Google Maps is rolling out new speed limit features

    Google Maps will soon display speed limits while navigating maps to help users drive more safely. According to Android Police thanks to tips from its community, some versions of Google's navigation app now feature speed limit notifications along with speed trap and crash alerts for both Android and iOS. This means that Google Maps will now indicate the speed limit along your route, and alert you if you're exceeding it, or if there have been crashes and speed traps set up on your route. These features are similarly available on Waze, a popular navigation app which Google bought in 2013. It's not clear...

  • Brexit takes a break on UK Twitter after Prince Philip survives car crash

    Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, was on Thursday evening involved in a car accident, according to reports by the BBC. The prince 97-year-old prince, who was driving himself, came out of the accident unhurt despite his Land Rover turning over onto its side. As a break from Brexit, the people of the internet could not let such an opportunity slide for some healthy online debate. https://twitter.com/chrisrwright/status/1086169960450347008 Some wonder if the Prince is too old to be driving. https://twitter.com/KrisRapley94/status/1086165576559546368 https://twitter.com/Nick_BLM/status/1085979131144269824 https://twitter.com/gorbalsgoebbels/status/1085966285215858688 https://twitter.com/BimSooz/status/1086175122770276352 Others are just marveling at the fact that he survived. https://twitter.com/RossMcCaff/status/1086011848326107136 https://twitter.com/Shazza14648643/status/1086167000131555328 https://twitter.com/africasnas/status/1086167675510894597 https://twitter.com/hangbitch/status/1086026989071405057 From a political point of view, many British citizens are angered. "With all that's going on in...