Gmail is finally getting auto spelling and grammar corrections

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If your spelling is about as good as a golden retriever’s, we’ve some good news for you. Google is bringing “improved as-you-type” spelling and grammar corrections to Gmail, which will help us humans compose mails “quickly with confidence”.

“As you type your message, Gmail will use artificial intelligence to make smarter spell-check suggestions while also detecting potential grammar issues,” Google notes on its blog.

For common errors, the platform will simply pretend you know how to spell “accommodate” and “expected”, correcting them as you type.

For other errors, that Gmail isn’t yet familiar with, it’ll underline these problem words allowing users to go back and correct them themselves.

Grammatical errors will receive blue squiggles. Spelling, red.

You’re probably thinking that Gmail already has this ability, but nope. Smart Compose, the platform’s text prediction feature, got a little more intelligent in April. But that’s about it.

Expect to see improved as-you-type spelling and grammar correction in your inbox by the middle of September.

Feature image: Google

Andy Walker, former editor


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