A Samsung ‘SpaceSelfie’ satellite crashes into a US family’s backyard

Samsung SpaceSelfie

A satellite believed to be a part of Samsung’s SpaceSelfie initiative crashed into a Michigan family’s backyard in the United States over the weekend.

Pictures posted by local publication Gratiot County Herald show the mostly-intact satellite featuring the words “SpaceSelfie”. Further debris with Samsung’s logo also suggests that the device belongs to the company.

SpaceSelfie is a mission from Samsung that seeks to send Earthling’s selfies to outer space. In fact, the company last week revealed the first selfie sent into space at a Samsung KX event, which was shot by actress and model Cara Delevingne.

“The selfie is the first of many that Samsung will lift into the stratosphere this month as part of SpaceSelfie, a mission to give everyone the chance to get their face in space,” Samsung said in a press release.

Hopefully, the mission won’t involve too many crashes into random backyards, however.

Representatives from Samsung, meanwhile, are planning to collect the satellite’s fallen pieces.

Feature image: Samsung

Shereesa Moodley


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