‘Hunting sick notes?’ Jacob Zuma’s latest tweet is definitely a weird one

jacob zuma rifle quad bike tweet

Former president Jacob Zuma was supposed to appear in court this month in a trial regarding Arms Deal-era corruption, but his lawyers claim he’s ill and receiving treatment in Cuba.

Despite his mysterious condition, however, someone, somewhere has just posted a decidedly odd image to his Twitter account.

On Wednesday night, Jacob Zuma’s official account tweeted a caption-free image of him staring down the barrel of a rifle resting on a quad bike. We know, that’s quite a sentence. And it’s quite a picture, too.

What’s also apparent in the snap is his apparent good health (and excellent technique, mind).

At the time of writing, it has accrued more than 8800 comments, 2200 retweets and some 7000 likes.

Of course, it’s not clear when the picture was actually taken. But Twitter’s also wondering what on Earth it actuall means.

The lack of a caption meant that users had to fill in the gaps, and well, South Africa had a go at cracking the code.

Hot takes are common on Jacob Zuma’s new Twitter account

Make of it what you will, but it’s actually Zuma’s first tweet of the new decade.

Posts to his account are usually accompanied by strong opinions or a statement, including jabs at the Public Protector, former Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom, and support for corruption-accused former Durban mayor Zandile Gumede.

Jacob Zuma’s Twitter account is one of the biggest in South African politics, featuring 388 000 followers garnered in less than two years.

A warrant for arrest has been issued for Jacob Zuma this week, but has been put on hold until 6 May, the date the trial is set to resume in Pietermaritzburg.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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