Huawei AppGallery: how to download the apps you know and love [Sponsored]

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The Huawei Y7p is an affordable smartphone with a specs list you’d find on more premium devices. But this device’s real uniqueness lies at its heart.

It’s the first phone to arrive in South Africa with Huawei Mobile Services, the company’s new ecosystem that’s designed to give users a seamless experience across multiple apps, services and devices.

Getting started

Getting started on your new device is simple as any other smartphone.

Phone Clone takes care of migrating your important data from your old device to your new Huawei Y7p. This will ensure that all your personal and app data is copied across to your new smartphone.

Installing new apps is a breeze too through the Huawei AppGallery, the company’s official app distribution platform.

The AppGallery features apps from 1.3-million developers across the globe. You’ll be able to find a host of your favourite apps on the AppGallery, from social media services to email apps, streaming services, banking apps and search engines.

A wealth of international and local apps

Finding new apps you never knew you needed is a cinch too.

Open the AppGallery on your Y7p, scroll through the list of new apps and games Huawei recommends, or download those from the extensive top-rated lists.

Gloss through collections too — apps that Huawei selects that fit specific use cases. Some collections include navigation apps, radio apps, and apps of the year.

Looking for locally-created apps? Huawei AppGallery has those in spades. The company has recruited local developers to create solutions for South Africans.

Local apps on the AppGallery include FlySAA, Takealot, News24, and more.

AppGallery security

Security is a major focus on the AppGallery too.

Huawei has added a four-layer detection system for each app, which scans for vulnerabilities, privacy violations, malicious behaviour and a Real-Name security check. These ensure the apps you install are genuine.

Before each app install, Huawei will scan apps to see if they comply with the above four-layered system. This is available for apps you download elsewhere, or from within the AppGallery itself.

This article is sponsored by Huawei.

Feature image: Huawei



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