Spotify app now lets you search for songs using lyrics

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Ever get that sinking feeling when you can kind of remember lyrics to a particular song you like, but don’t remember the title? Well, Spotify is here to help by rolling out a song search using lyrics feature on its app.

The feature, which allows users to find the song they’re looking for just by typing in a set of lyrics, was limited to the service’s desktop version.

But a new update brings the feature to its iOS and Android apps.

The news was first informally announced by one of Spotify’s developers, Lin Wang on Twitter (spotted by 9To5Mac). The update finally sees the music streaming service catch up to competitors by rolling out this feature.

How to search for songs with lyrics in Spotify

While music recognition apps like Shazam might help identify a song (if the song is playing), they don’t always help when all you can remember is a single line of lyrics.

Web searches can work, but Spotify has simplified the process by allowing you to search the songs through the app.

To do this, simply visit the Search tab and type in the lyrics you recall.

Songs that match the lyrics will appear with a tag that says “Lyrics match”.

You can see some examples below:

spotify lyrics search song lizzo example

spotify lyrics search song rick springfield example

The feature already exists in Deezer, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. But the update will surely be welcomed by Spotify users by helping them find exactly what they’re looking for.

Spotify introduces collaborative playlists

This follows yet another important update rolled out by Spotify last week which improved its playlists.

The service now allows collaborative playlists, letting you swap podcast recommendations, unearth musical gems, and build the ultimate playlist for you and friends to enjoy.

The update also added a “Add User” button to enlist your friends to contribute to the playlist. A header that displays avatars and new user avatars in front of songs or episodes added to the playlist help you keep track of who’s contributing to the playlist.

Back in June, Spotify also added real-time lyrics supported by Musixmatch.

Feature image: Photo Mix via Pixabay

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