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OneCart grocery delivery app

OneCart, a South African personalised online shopping platform, has partnered with Exclusive Books and the HP Store to expand its offering into the landscape of books and ink.

This means that the same-day grocery delivery service can now also deliver your next read or even some ink refills for your printer.

“We are delighted to partner with leading retailers Exclusive Books and the HP Store, and bring even more variety and value right to the doorsteps of OneCart users with the ultimate convenience and flexibility of same-day delivery,” says OneCart COO Ariel Navarro.

Up until now, OneCart has focused exclusively on delivering groceries through retail partners such as Woolworths, Pick n Pay, and Clicks. But it’s expanding to achieve its vision of an all-inclusive e-commerce platform.

“Groceries were the obvious market entry point for us. Now, having grown our market share in this area significantly, OneCart is ready to increase its range to include books from Exclusive Books and ink cartridges from HP Store, and more,” explains Navarro.

New OneCart offerings

The new offerings are meant to provide convenience to consumers who are increasingly working remotely or from home.

Not only can you get the latest novel from Exclusive Books, but customers can also order stationery and other office supplies from the retailer.

Meanwhile, the partnership with HP offers an easy way for customers to access ink and toner.

“With OneCart, it’s like having your own personal assistant who can dash out for ink when you run out so that you can finish printing that work report or school learning material,” says Stacey le Grange, Head of Marketing at HP Store.

OneCart’s plan to deliver more than groceries

According to OneCart, customers can expect even more products to be added in the future.

“We are working very hard on achieving full integration with our existing retail partners’ ranges, and adding health and beauty, pets, liquor, and general merchandise. We plan on becoming the premium go-to e-commerce platform in South Africa and hope to make more exciting announcements soon,” says Navarro.

OneCart says its focus on integration and expansion will decrease the cost of online shopping for its users.

Currently, OneCart can deliver a range of goodies depending on your location.

These include:

  • Groceries from retailers such as Woolworths, Pick n Pay, and Food Lover’s Market
  • Liquor from bottle stores such as Pick n Pay Liquor and Makro Liquor.
  • Books and stationery from Exclusive Books.
  • Ink cartridges and toners from the HP Store.
  • Over-the-counter medication and self-care products from Dis-Chem and Clicks.
  • Pet Products from Mr Pet.

The OneCart Online Shopping app is available for free on Android and iOS.

If you would like to learn more about the app and its offering, visit the OneCart website.

Feature image: OneCart

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