Clips, subscriber chat: YouTube adds new features for streamers

YouTube live chat polls subscribers streamers gaming creators

YouTube has rolled out new product updates, including Clips and subscriber-only chat, aimed at streamers and gaming creators to help engage with audiences and share their content.

The features include viewer-selected clips, subscriber-only chats, and live polls in chats.

“With these features, we’re making interacting with your live audience and sharing memorable moments from your content even easier,” a YouTube community manager wrote in a support post.

YouTube Clips

With Clips, viewers can select a five to 60-second segment of a creator’s video that they can then share with others on YouTube or third-party platforms.

Viewers can also make clips by clicking the clip icon on the video and selecting the chosen segment. The segment will then loop and play on the original video’s watch page.

Creators can turn the feature on and off for their channel in the advanced settings in YouTube Studio.

The Clips feature is available to all gaming creators that have 1 000 subscribers or more. YouTube plans to roll the feature out to all creators in the future.

YouTube introduces subscriber-only chat

Meanwhile, all YouTube streamers can now moderate their live chat by making it available only to their channel subscribers. Creators can enable this feature in the Live Control Room settings.

Streamers can choose how long viewers need to have been subscribed for them to participate in the live chat.

Another new feature is live polls in chat. The feature is available to all streamers.

Streamers can create and manage live polls while they are broadcasting to collect audience feedback.

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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