WhatsApp users can now leave groups discreetly

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WhatsApp users can now leave groups discreetly and control who sees them online.

There is finally a way you can leave that work, family, or friend group silently without anyone taking note.

In a major privacy update of the app, WhatsApp now allows users to leave groups with only the administrators receiving a notification.

We all appreciate our privacy, now WhatsApp will allow users to control which contacts can see them online.

In the new update when you send a one-time only view message you can block someone from screenshotting the message.

WhatsApp groups are entertaining and serve a purpose but in some cases can become irritating when bombarded by frequent messages and videos.

Leaving the group is an option but doing so publicly creates uncomfortable situations and unnecessary tension among group members.

Users have in the past muted or disabled groups notifications in the settings tab. You could turn notifications back on at any time

The Facebook-owned messaging app has launched new features to make using the app more personal.

Now you can control your online presence.

Screenshot block for view once messages and leave groups silently.

The new WhatsApp privacy campaign includes a feature to block people from taking screenshots of a photo or video when you’ve sent a message using the “view once” feature.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement on Facebook confirming that users will be able to exit group chats without notifying everyone.

This is part of a marketing campaign for the security and privacy features of the messaging app.

The roll-out of the features will kick start in India with more countries to follow.  The focus of the campaign is to educate users on what real security is.

Currently, when you exit a group chat, everyone in the chat is notified.  This will change and only group admins will see your exit.

Last year, WhatsApp introduced the “view once” option when posting photos and videos, which makes messages disappear once they have been seen.

This did not however stop someone from taking a screenshot of the message.  WhatsApp is now introducing a way to block this in the same manner as Snapchat.

Anyone attempting to take a screenshot will see a message stating: This screenshot was blocked for added privacy.

This feature is limited to users selecting the “view once” tab when sending images and videos. The new privacy features coming to WhatsApp will allow many to sneak out of group chats and choose who can see when you’re online.

Meta insists they will continue to find ways to protect messages and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face conversations.

Meta is expected to roll out the new features during the month of August.

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