Reddford House trio wins global robotics competition

From left to right: Alishia Naidoo, Bontle Ngoasheng and Shalom Halata.

Three Reddford House Blue Hills learners in the Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (Stem) space scooped this year’s global-Inspired Builds Global Robotics competition in Italy.

Bontle Ngoasheng, Alishia J Naaidoo and Shalom Halata participated in this year’s global robotics competition in the 11 – 12 years category to finish first.

The three classmates had to make a robot that was intelligent in design, innovative, and with superior programming quality.

The all-girl trio’s robot came out tops over other learners from more than 22 countries.

The global competition hosted in Italy at the St Louis School of Milan intends to bring together students from around the world to compete in showcasing innovation and design.

This year’s competition titled Enabling Movement invited learners from schools all over the world from ages 7 to 13 to make machines that showcased movement using coding and creative design.

Head of campus at Reddford House Blue Hills Zain Strydom said the standard was very high, with students demonstrating their knowledge and skills in the Stem competition.

“Our students’ winning entry demonstrated their ability to code and intelligently design the robot to move in different directions.”

Learners were judged on four categories, intelligent design, innovation, programming quality and general appeal.

Strydom said the campus was proud of the dedication and hard work of the learners and teachers which resulted in the campus’ second international win in the Inspired Builds competition.

“As we continue to invest in robotics and coding projects, our students learn how to build robots and programmes code, grasp a solid math and science foundation and build collaborative and leadership skills. These are all the necessary ingredients for a highly successful future career.”

This was not the schools first win in the global inspired Builds Robotics competition.

In 2021 the competition was hosted by Fulham House School in London where two Reddford House Grade 7 teams from South Africa were placed in the top 5 winning positions.

The learners all came from different Reddford House schools in the country, to showcase innovative thinking, comprehension, critical thinking and application of skills and concepts, which are requirements for the competition.

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