Why password manager could be your most valuable legacy

Dedicated password managers are ideal for family and business, and you probably don’t have to pay for one.

We’ve looked at a number of password managers to help manage your highly complex passwords as you navigate through life in this digital era.

Password managers are a great way to allow loved ones including managers to gain access to your accounts in the event of an untimely death.

The use of a password manager keeps business related passwords and sensitive information secure.

This means not reusing passwords and creating unique and strong credentials to keep all that information safe.

A business-grade password manager allows everyone in the organization to use strong passwords, unique for all their accounts.

The password manager stores all credentials for each person and helps them create new and random passwords. The password manager allows administrators to keep an eye on employee password prowess.

You probably don’t need to dig deep in your pockets to pay for one. Google password manager and NordPass are some of the free versions you can look at.

Dedicated password managers allow the user to sync all login information across all your devices.

Here are some pass word manager options you can choose from.

Google Password manager

Google allows you to manage saved passwords in Android or Chrome. They’re stored in your Google account for free. Google makes it simple to use unique passwords for all your online accounts.


NordPass allows you to store your passwords across devices even when you’re offline. You can store passwords in a single place and long into your preferred sites including apps with a simple click.


Keeper lets you generate autofill strong passwords, store identity and payment information, login with fingerprint and facial ID and have access across unlimited devices.


Passwarden is an all-round password manager that offers all the necessary functionality. It also works across unlimited devices and ensures easy and secure password sharing, even when offline


Norton is synonymous with data security. It offers biometric login options, protects your passwords, financial data and personal information in one package.

When it comes to passwords, many shy away from sharing the details of their security with those close to them.

Its important to have at least one person whom you can share some of your security with, especially considering the stress of an unplanned death.

The other person will need to be able to log into your accounts to keep most responsibilities running, and not just household accounts that need much attention.

Details to online bank accounts, social media accounts, video streaming service subscriptions and many other online accounts need to be managed in the event of an unplanned death.

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