You’ll soon watch three channels, simultaneously on one TV 

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YouTube allows you to split screens on your mobile device and watch a video while you navigate through other apps on your phone.

What if I told you that YouTube was considering a split screen viewing feature for your smart TV?

Can you see it? Sitting on the couch with you know who, watching two different channels on one TV set?

Neither can I.

But rumor has it, YouTube is looking to launch split-screen viewing for its subscribers on smart TVs.

A feature that could have you watch more than two channels at once.

Information is still sketchy, but we do know that the split screen service would support YouTube Shorts, a vertical video service provided by YouTube.

YouTube Shorts is competition for TikTok and Google appears to want to beat TikTok to smart TV’s.

According to the report, YouTube Shorts could be viewed on smart TV’s if things go according to plan.

Currently, YouTube has a Picture-in-Picture (PiP)system that allows users to continue to split screens on their mobile.

The option allows users to watch YouTube TV while using other apps on mobile devices.

PiP shrinks the video into a small player that you can move around and position over other apps on your mobile device.

This allows users to enjoy their favorite shows and drag the PiP window to different parts of the screen on their tablets or cellphones.

To turn on picture-in-picture on Android.

Go to your Android settings/Apps and notifications

  • Advanced Special app access
  • Picture-in-picture.
  • Tap YouTube.
  • To turn on, tap Allow picture-in-picture.
  • Go to your YouTube app settings. General.
    Toggle Picture-in-Picture to on

Google plans to solidify their online market while dominating the smart TV space.

With partnerships such as Samsung, YouTube has made progress in the smart tv space and can be found on most smart TV’s to date.

It will be interesting to see when YouTube’s split screen theory will come to life before TikTok beats them to the finish line.

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Feature image: Unsplash/NordWood Themes



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